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Pale Blue Dot Produc...  we dont know what we are and how to define it , Its like almost non profitable private business , we get involved if the project is interesting, not as entertaining interesting, as content and love behind it,  we dont do advertisments or sell videos . 

runs by Sali Khorman  / Shaina Kelly 

We are Independent visual ephemeral artists and indie filmmakers, Based in eltham, Victoria 

                       we look and imagine, feeling will direct us,  

we started running a production company under the name  of  "Pale  Blue  Dot  Productions" a  few years ago, to more focus on what we like to do, and collaborate with artists in volunteer contribution style preferably.

We're willing to Support Independent artists, musicians, performers, community groups, and share visions and thoughts.

In general prioritising the social, transcending a digital inclination and connecting as humans .

We studied master degree in design and art and practised over 10 years with analogue and digital media art forms,  such as visual art / complimentary art installation, and blah blah ..... 

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